Pros and Cons Of DIY Locksmiths

Being locked out is a common thing for homeowners. There are those times that you forget your keys inside your home or you don’t remember where you put it. In emergencies like this, locksmiths have proven that they are capable to rescue people. However, not all homeowners rely on these professionals. Some still choose to install and repair their locks by themselves for a couple of good reasons. So, before you emulate those people and proceed with DIY locksmiths, it’s crucial that you know both the good and bad sides of it. This is so you can weigh them and be able to decide what’s the best for you and your home.

Pros and Cons of DIY Locksmiths


1) Cost-savvy

Well, the number one reason why homeowners choose to do DIY locksmiths is that it’s cost-savvy, You don’t have to pay for the cost of hiring a locksmith. There are no labor or professional fees when you can do the installation and repair yourself. If you are on a budget and you can’t afford those pricey locksmiths near your area, we suggest that you start learning how to do it. The money you will be able to save is significant and you can use those funds to spend on your other home improvement needs.

2) No waiting time

The most convenient locksmith is the one you don’t have to call. With DIY locksmith, there is no waiting time. You don’t have to allocate time to call a locksmith during emergencies (openmaken van slot). There’s no need to wait for someone to come in rescue because you got locked out of the house. Learning how to deal with locks yourself saves you a lot of time. And this is the reason why many homeowners are starting to learn how to do it rather than hiring a locksmith.

3) A lot of resources online

The internet has given people many reasons to choose a DIY locksmith. Even professionals are now uploading their videos on YouTube and Facebook to earn a million views or get additional customers. If you will maximize your use of the internet, you’ll be able to find lots of resources that you can use to learn to install and repair locks at home. You can watch videos, search for reputable blogs, or find an online mentor who can help you deal with it. But remember that you are trying to save money here. Don’t go for resources that ask you money before you can use the guide.

4) The learning is long-lasting

Whether you undergo proper locksmith training or you watch videos online, the skills you learned will stay. You won’t easily forget learnings especially if you are using them frequently. Additionally, you will be relied on by your family, neighbors, and friends if you have the skills of locksmiths. Whenever you move into a new home, there’s no need to hire a locksmith since you can do it yourself. Your skills will be useful to everyone around you. The learning is long-lasting.


1) Prone to lock system damage

Since you are not that professional to install and repair locks, DIY locksmiths are prone to lock system damage. This is especially true to people who are just starting out to learn. When repairing your locks, you won’t know where to start if you were not the one installed them. You will end up damaging them if you don’t have the right tools to do the repairs. Lock system damage is one common con in a DIY locksmith.

2) You will pay more for locks

There is a likelihood that you will spend a lot of money on locks and security systems before you can successfully install a working device. So, even if you think that DIY locksmiths will save you from a lot of costs, if you don’t have the right skills and the right tools for it, you will have to pay for the trial and error. For those who want to avoid this, use old locks to train yourself. Try to repair broken locks and devices. Don’t use your beginner skills to new locks yet because you will end up destroying them. The trial and error stage may be challenging but it will be worth it at the end.