Is there a Horror Movie about a Plumber?

It is nice to see some early works from some acclaimed directors. The Plumber is one of Peter Weir’s early works. From the title itself, it is about a plumber who stays too long at a couple’s home when he gets called in to fix a simple problem. He becomes more of a nuisance when he demands a lot of things they did not really ask for. This is why you should really check the profile of people you decide to let in your house.

You just can’t pick a random plumber to show your house. They may be tempted when they see how beautiful it is. They may bring materials that are pretty much lacking. As a result, they will tell you they will need to buy more materials and they have a reason to stay. Since you don’t know a thing about plumbing. the plumber could tell you it would take long to fix the problem.

That is exactly what happened in the Australian director’s movie. The movie is more than 40 years ago but a lot of people still watch it because of its awesome concept. Besides, nobody has ever cast a Plumber as the lead villain in a movie before. It will be interesting to see how the couple handles this person. Unfortunately, their problems will just get worse no matter what happens. Perhaps, their best solution would be to call another plumber.

Of course, they would have a hard time sending the person out of their house when they still have a plumbing problem. The person ends up refusing to leave and the couple have a major crisis on their hands. They have a lot of other problems other than getting rid of the plumber so it goes haywire from there. They could also contact the authorities to get rid of the problem but the plumber (loodgieter Den Haag) is too smart for that.

Besides, the plumber may not be who he is. He may be an inexperienced criminal and the couple let a dangerous person inside their home. When you let a stranger in your home, it is possible you will lose everything you’ve worked hard for.

This movie is best enjoyed with popcorn and soda. Since the movie about a Plumber is more than 40 years ago, you will be lucky if you actually find a copy of it. It is possible you can download it on the Internet but the quality can’t be that good. However, there is no harm in trying. Besides, Peter Weir went on to direct such classics such as Witness starring Harrison Ford and The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey.

Those A-list actors probably won’t work with Weir if they knew he was not that good of a director. These days, high-paid actors choose their projects carefully. They would not even think of doing your film if the other people attached to it are terrible. They know they have a reputation to take care of so they would want everything to go along smoothly. Yes, expect them to check the profiles of the entire crew from the production assistant down to whoever supplies the food.

They would want great food and they sometimes have their own caterer. You can’t blame them for wanting to eat nice food since they want to keep their bodies in great shape. They would not want to eat junk food since that would affect their diet. Even if it would just be for one day, they know that is going to affect them in a big way. The Plumber is a nice movie that got a nice rating at the Internet Movie database compared to similar movies.

It is not a movie you can watch with the entire family though. Better know what the MPAA rated it so you can know who you can watch it with. You would not want your children to be traumatized by a movie. You may have a hard time explaining to them that it is all fake. They may think it is all real and they may even imitate what happened in it. Yes, there is a reason why each movie gets a different MPAA rating. The plumber should be for adults only because of its violence.