Inexpensive Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Winter is always there with us at the start of the year; it is time we experience colds and the snow. Thorough preparations to welcome the winter season in style are the way forward. This season can be outright destructive and even harmful to a home. There are a lot of affordable home maintenance items that can be done in preparation of this inclement coming weather at large. You can simply spare one afternoon to make preparations for the upcoming season. Herein are some home maintenance tips that can help homeowners save some money simply by lowering monthly utility bills and also help you protect your home investments at large;

Furnace Check-Up

There is a need to contact a professional licensed HVAC company to help you turn up your furnace for the coming season. A properly functioning furnace can greatly save you a lot of cash in your monthly heating bills and there is likelihood you will run off from the expensive emergencies in case your home heat goes out at some points in the middle of the winter season. During this season, you should also remember to change the furnace filter at least twice or three times. 

Leaky Faucets

You need to inspect your faucets whether there is dripping or cases of leaks in your bath, kitchen or utility rooms. In case you notice these issues, ensure you carry out an immediate replacement of the faucet or washer before the winter season starts. A leaky or dripping faucet is the cause of many broken pipes out there when the temperature dips. You should also turn any water to the sprinkler systems or outside faucets off for the coming winter season. Another major culprit of broken pipes in the cold weather is the uninsulated pipes that are in place leading to the outside of the house. Breaking of pipes in the house can happen if they have water in them and that water expands, this is possibly also an extremely expensive emergency that can arise. In case of plumbing emergency, here’s a good resource at Loodgieter Utrecht.

Inspect your roof visually

You should also carry out an inspection of your roof for any possible damages like for instance slopes in the roof, missing shingles, a damaged tuck-pointing around any vent stacks or exhaust or even improper drainage. In case there is some debris on the roof, ensure you remove them and inspect that particular area for any possible damages. You should also remember to check any skylights leakage or even condensation.

Down-Spouts and the gutters

As a point in the preparations to welcome this season, you should also consider doing a thorough cleanup of the down-spouts and the gutters. Consider getting rid of all encumbrances and debris to ensure water flows freely away from your property during these times. If the gutters are clogged, you will experience back up of water against the house and the siding of your house and the roof will be damaged. The downspouts should remain clean and capable to divert all water at least at a distance three feet away from your property. 

The doors and windows

It is such an expensive thing to heat your house during the winter season. So, to cover up this, it is important to eliminate all cracks that might be at your doors and windows simply by re-caulking any available open spaces you find with them. You can re-caulk using a silicon caulk as it is considered to work best since it can’t shrink due to such weather conditions. 


Your chimney should be inspected well and all the vents cleaned before the winter season starts. Chimney fires normally happen due to dirty chimneys, and carbon monoxide accumulated in your house. These cases can be however lessened by ensuring you thoroughly clean the chimney for preparations of this season. 


You can keep your home run more efficiently and smoothly possible by simply following all these home maintenance tips. All your home appliances will also start functioning better and you will find that there is no need of hiring experts to provide you with solutions to such problems. This way, you can end up saving a lot of cash to cater for other future projects or money to spend on a vacation during this time instead.