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The guidelines for followers are brief information on the implementation themes of ADD HOME in a more compact way. They are created for a larger target group than the detailed and more extensive description of the ADD HOME demonstration implementations. Their purpose is to give short but precise information on an action’s effects and the steps to follow to implement it. They are targeting at construction companies, property management companies and municipalities, who are the main stakeholders for an integrated approach of housing and mobility. The guidelines are the practical blueprints for all interested entities to a practical implementation by themselves. They cover the topics:

Car Pooling EN   (314 kB) / IT   (288 kB)

Info Mobility EN   (237 kB) / IT   (240 kB)

Bicycle Service Station EN   (320 kB) / DE   (1,155 kB)

Car Sharing guideline EN   (211 kB) / DE   (139 kB)

Parking Space Management EN   (699 kB) / DE   (1,096 kB)

Tickets for Tenants EN   (328 kB) / DE   (229 kB)

Websites on mobility information EN   (183 kB) / DE   (182 kB)

Welcome packages for new inhabitants EN   (212 kB) / DE   (176 kB)

Mobility maps of the surrounding area EN   (768 kB) / DE   (347 kB)

Bicycle connections between housing areas EN   (178 kB) / BG   (369 kB)

Committee on urban mobility EN   (213 kB) / BG   (173 kB)

Residential areas and schools trips EN   (272 kB) / BG   (380 kB)