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Please find within this section of our website the final report on the ADD HOME Analysis activities. The final report summarises our findings in terms of transport modes and services ans compares the country-results with each other. It concludes in recommendations and highlighting the most important regulations identified by ADD HOME.

Please download the final report on the analysis phase here:One major task of ADD HOME was the analysis of laws and regulations. It's aim was to identify positive preconditions and hinders for supplying housing areas with infrastructure and mobility services for energy efficient transport modes - as there are cycling, walking and public transport.. Moreover, the analysis dealt also with possibilities to limit car transportation or to fashion it in more energy efficient way. Look for the results also at ADD HOME Mobility meets housing.
In detail, the survey included e.g.:
  • national spatial planning and building laws, regional building laws, laws on construction and reconstruction subsidies, local instruments like zoning and legally binding land use plans as well as
  • national and regional laws relating to public transport, local laws and regulations concerning transport and mobility such as the German “transport development plan” and many more.

Here you can find the summaries for each country's analysis as well as the more detailed characteristics of the legal aspects of the countries. Finalising the work with laws and regulations, you will also find the concluding summary comparing the findings and presenting ideas for changes ad well as lessons learnt.

Summaries on the analyses

Austrian Summary   (463 kB)
Bulgarian Summary   (464 kB)
German Summary   (417 kB)
Italian Summary   (396 kB)
Slovenian Summary   (428 kB)

Characteristics of analysed laws and regualtions

Here you can find the details on each law and regulation that has been analysed. The country reports give an overview on the laws and regulations included and then document the analysis law by law. Please be aware that the list of laws and regulations analysed country by country does not claim to be exhaustive.
Austrian Characteristics   (127 kB)
Bulgarian Characteristics   (155 kB)
German Characteristics   (1,533 kB)
Italian Characteristics   (1,402 kB)
Slovenian Characteristics   (1,116 kB)

Concluding summary of the work on laws and regulations

ADD HOME - Summary on WP 2 - Analysis of laws and regulations   (222 kB)